High-velocity noise popsters ride dense waves of guitars, kicking out huge, jaw-dropping songs rich in melody, texture, and spirit.”

– Listen.com

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Anybody who’s seen a lackluster Shoegazer outfit can attest: without reliable bass and exceptional guitars and drums, it’s usually nothing more than a travesty of white noise. But like the Wedding Present, Wurlygig take no prisoners and make no empty promises — guitars spark and fire efficiently as they crest on one blissfully sonic chord after another. Vocals are sincere, lending a genuine, uncontrived fire to the singer’s occasional snarl. Ultimately, Wurlygig succeed where others fail, sounding like a seasoned rock unit. that’s spread thin, but one that still wins on all fronts.

– Listen.com

Brit-influenced Chicago band barrels through uptempo tunes along a guitar barrage steeped in reverb and distortion. The male vocalist weaves a dreamy path through the noise with his lazy delivery.

– Listen.com

“Brit pop arrives in Chicago via Wurlygig, a Chicago-based four-piece that has a knack for mixing pop melody with guitar-and-drum crash. The Grand Prix Qualifier, Wurlygig’s third album, opens with Andy Tidy sneering his vocals almost as well as Liam Gallagher on the Oasis-like “Small Electric Charge.” In spite of that fact, the Brit influences in the music range farther and wider than Oasis. Spiritualized, Electrafixion, even The Who all show up here, mixed in with some power-riffed, home-grown Chicago “big shoulder” rock. That could be a messy mix, but Wurlygig has the intensity and songwriting skill to pull it off. This makes Wurlygig a band to know.”

– The Illinois Entertainer

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